Sporran. The wallet for your KILTs and credentials.

The Sporran wallet is a free desktop browser extension that is the gateway to KILT and Web3 services.

Like a typical crypto wallet, Sporran displays KILT Coin balances and enables signing and sending transactions on the KILT blockchain.

Sporran is also the starting point for building your digital identity, under your control.

Using Sporran you can get your “digital fingerprint” – a decentralized identifier (DID) – and represent it with a unique web3name. There’s no need to buy or own crypto – you can use the Checkout Service and pay via PayPal.

Identity is built by linking credentials with your DID. These credentials can be obtained from SocialKYC or other compatible services and stored in Sporran on your device. You have full control over how much of the information you share, and with whom.

Using Sporran, you can also make any of your credentials public, and link your DID to any of your addresses in the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems.

Additionally, Sporran enables you to sign any kind of digital file in a private, decentralized way using DIDsign.

Available in the Chrome Web Store Available as Firefox Add-On

Sporran Functionality