Sporran. The wallet for your KILTs and credentials.

The Sporran wallet is a browser extension that provides a gateway to the KILT blockchain identity protocol and Web3 services. Sporran enables the KILT mission to return control over personal data to its owner, restoring privacy to the individual.

Sporran allows users to read KILT Coin balances and to sign and send transactions on the KILT blockchain. Similar to a physical wallet that stores personal credentials, Sporran also allows users to create and build a digital identity with a unique, easily readable web3name.

Credentials may be generated via SocialKYC or other compatible services and stored in Sporran on the user’s device, enabling anonymity and control over their data when presenting their information to online services. Credentials may also be made public via the Sporran, providing a way for digital service providers to provide contact details and more information, increasing trust.

Additionally, Sporran allows users to sign digital documents in a private, decentralized way using DIDsign.

Available in the Chrome Web Store Available as Firefox Add-On

Sporran Functionality